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100km Foods

100km Foods is a local food distributor in Toronto connecting restaurants and consumers with some of the freshest, high-quality ingredients Ontario has to offer. They have 1000+ local food products available year round, offering a vast selection of produce, meat, sustainable seafood, dairy, and dry goods. With their help, local farmers and producers gain access to large, urban markets, and consumers gain access to delicious, farm-fresh food! > Visit 100km Foods

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Mama Earth

Mama Earth is a subscription service for people who love to eat, cook, share, and learn about food. From local organic produce, chef-made meals, responsibly-raised meat, and sustainable seafood, to everyday items like bread, dairy and eggs, each basket delivery is 1,000% guaranteed and makes good eating easy for those who don't have the time to shop. > Visit Mama Earth

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Graze and Gather Food

The Green Circle Food Hub was formed by farmers in the early days of the pandemic, out of the tremendous need for collaboration and cooperation between farmers and homes. It started with a few farmers working together to sell each other's food and deliver to homes through no-contact delivery.  Kendal Hills Farm, a small farm outside of Orono, Ontario had the facilities (fridge storage, freezer storage & dry storage) to serve as a collection point for food. The purpose for the Green Circle Food Hub is to serve farmers, homes and the environment. > Visit Graze and Gather Food

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